Arbitrage Betting – The Bet You Can’t Lose?

By | January 27, 2017

What Is Arbitrage Betting (arbing)?

If you know the basics behind matched betting, then you will know the two things required to make a profit are:

However, this isn’t the only way to make a profit from bookmakers.  It is also possible to secure a profit using a simple back and lay method without the need for free bets.

This method is called arbitrage betting or arbing.


Arbitrage Definition

The process of taking advantage of the differences in bookmaker prices by wagering every potential outcome of an event in such a way that the return is the same, regardless of which outcome is successful.


This allows us to guarantee a profit every single time!

This sports betting strategy is very popular.  Through arbitrage, people are even making a full-time living!

Finding Arbing Opportunities

Arbitrage Example

Spotting an arbitrage opportunity is difficult and time-consuming to say the least.  Without arbing software, it will come down to luck that you find arbing opportunities.  Below is an example of an arbitrage bet and how to guarantee a profit from it.

2015 Ripon

StanJames are offering odds of 4.33 on Carnageo.  The corresponding lay bet on Smarkets at the same time is 3.90 as seen below.

At these odds, it is possible to guarantee a profit.  Using a matched betting calculator (seen below), we can use the available odds and our desired stake to calculate our lay stake:

As we can see from the matched betting calculator (found here), we stand to make a guaranteed £4.68 no matter whether Carnageo wins the race, or loses!

How To Find Arbing Opportunities

Thankfully, sports arbitrage betting doesn’t need to be difficult.  With the help of arbing software, it is very straightforward to find these highly profitable opportunities.

The best arb software on the market that I personally use is supplied by Oddsmonkey.

Why Oddsmonkeys Arbing Software?

First of all, their software in excellently priced, and you can make anywhere up to 15% on each arb.  Not only this, but their software is highly reliable and incredibly quick to update with new arbing opportunities!

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Arbitrage Betting - The Bet You Can't Lose?
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Arbitrage Betting - The Bet You Can't Lose?
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