Bet365’s Risk-Free Inplay Offer – Making A Guaranteed £35+ Dutching

By | February 21, 2017

Bet365 – £50 Risk-Free Inplay Offer – How I Made £35+ Profit!


Anyone who is in the matched betting game will know that Bet365’s £50 risk-free inplay offer is one of the most lucrative promotions around for existing customers.

By using one of two popular matched betting techniques, it is possible to lock-in a guaranteed profit of +£30!  The techniques in question are the ‘back and lay strategy‘ and the ‘dutching strategy‘.

As I pointed out in the title, I made a profit of £36 from this offer on the betting site  which was available for the Champions League first leg tie between Bayern Munich and Arsenal on the 15th of February 2017.

I used a dutching football strategy to extract as much profit as I could from this offer which I will go through later step-by-step.  But first, let’s have a look at the £50 risk-free offer.


The Risk-Free Offer

Before we even attempt to tackle this promotion, it is essential to read the terms and conditions of the offer.

Looking at the t&c’s, this is a very straight-forward promotion to complete.  We simply need to place a bet (up to £50) on any pre-match market and Bet365 will award us with a risk-free inplay bet up to the same stake!

The great thing about this offer is that there is no minimum odds requirement!


The Dutching Strategy

When completing this offer, I prefer to use the dutching strategy instead of the ‘back and lay’ method which I tend to avoid for these types of offers.  This is due to the requirement of finding tights odds during the match which can cause problems.

Dutching involves backing every outcome of an event so that the overall profit will remain the same regardless of the final result. (More about Dutching here)

The first step in this process is to decide which outcome to place our risk-free inplay bet on.  I tend to place it on the draw.  It is worth noting that I place my inplay bet as quick as possible after kick off so that the price does not drop too much.

Calculating Stakes

Risk-Free Inplay – Draw

We already know that I am going to back the Draw for £50 once the game kicks off.  We can calculate the returns for this by multiplying the odds at the time (4.75) by the stake.

50 x 4.75 = £237.50


Now we have to make sure that pre-match, we back the other outcomes (Arsenal Win and Bayern Munich Win) so that the total return for each result is equal to £187.73, NOT £237.50.  This is £50 less as this is the risk-free bet.

Bayern Munich Win

I am going to back the Bayern Munich Win for £50 at 1.44 at Bet365.  This will act as the qualifying bet for the promotion.

This gives a potential return of £72.23 (50 x 1.44).

We need to get this figure up to a £187.50 return.  This can be achieved by backing Bayern Munich at another bookmaker/betting exchange.

Using the Betfair Betting Exchange, the Bayern Munich Win was backed for a further £78.57 at odds of 1.47 which will give a return of £115.50.

The total returns for the Bayern Munich win is: £115.50 + £72.23 = £187.73

Arsenal Win

To cover the Arsenal win, we NEED to use another bookmaker or Exchange.  I used the Betfair Exchange for this.

The Arsenal Win was available at 8.20 which required a £22.86 stake. £22.86 x 8.20 = £187.45


Potential Outcomes

If Bayern Munich Win:

Total Returns = £50 (refund) + £187.50 = £237.50

Total Outlay = £50 + £50 + £78.57 + £22.86 = £201.43

Total Profit = £237.50 – £201.43 = £36.07

If Arsenal Win:

Total Returns = £50 (refund) + £187.45 = £237.45

Total Outlay = £50 + £50 + £78.57 + £22.86 = £201.43

Total Profit = £237.45 – £201.43 = £36.02

If The Match Ends As A Draw:

Total Returns = £237.50

Total Outlay = £50 + £50 + £78.57 + £22.86 = £201.43

Total Profit = £237.50 – £201.43 = £36.07


So as it stands, we are set to make a minimum guaranteed profit of £36.02 from this lucrative inplay offer!

The Final Result

A very convincing win for Bayern Munich at home means that we bag ourselves a massive £36.07!

This inplay offer is one of the most profitable bookmaker promotions around from the betting site Bet365 and is definitely worth doing!



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