Price Boosts – Guarantee A Profit

By | January 28, 2017

Price Boosts

What are price boosts?

Price Boosts are a regular promotion offered by bookmakers which enhance the odds of a particular market.

One common price boost is the Skybet enhanced odds accumulator that is offered on for a Saturday afternoon.  This price boost can be tackled in two ways.  It can be backed and laid as normal which will guarantee a profit.

Another matched betting method is to underlay the accumulator which will also make the bet risk free. However, it will produce higher profits if the bookmaker bet wins.

Here is the an example of a Skybet Accumulator Price Boost.

As we can see, Man City, Newcastle and Brighton all to win has been boosted from 7/2 to 5/1 (6.0).

A lay bet can be placed on this accumulator on the Betfair Exchange at odds of 5.50.

Using a matched betting calculator (like the one supplied by Oddsmonkey), we can back and lay these accumulators using a fixed stake.

As we can see, a stake of £20 will result in a £0.91 profit whether the accumulator wins or loses.

However, the profit can be maximised by underlaying the accumulator at the betting exchange.

How To Underlay Bets

  1. Divide the £20 stake by 0.95 (Betfair commission of 5%), which will give a lay stake of £21.05
  2. Place a £20 bet on the Accumulator.  This will give a profit of £100.
  3. Lay the accumulator on the Betfair Exchange with a lay stake of £21.05 at odds of 5.50.  This will give a liability of £94.73.


If the accumulator wins, the final profit will now be £5.27 and if it loses, the final position will be £0, hence making the bet risk free!


Price Boosts - Guarantee A Profit
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Price Boosts - Guarantee A Profit
Price boosts are a common bookmaker promotion which offer better odds on a variety of markets, but, did you know that a profit can be guaranteed using price boosts?
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